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  • Company:  Fagor Automation
  • Product Types: CNC Systems, Digital Readouts, Encoders
  • Website:
  • Owned By:  Mondragon Corporation
  • Founded:  1956
  • Headquarters: Mondragon, Spain
  • Made In: Spain
  • Ships from:  Elk Grove Village, IL  USA

Fagor Automation is a company with great experience in the development and manufacturing of products for machine automation and control. It excels by its capability to develop software and the versatility of its productive process to offer solutions tailored to the needs of its customers. Historically, Fagor Automation has focused its efforts on the machine-tool sector where Fagor is one of the world leaders.

Fagor Automation’s experience and knowledge has made it the first and only company manufacturing an enclosed steel-tape linear encoder of up to 50 meters with absolute technology and 10 nm resolution. Fagor Automation uses proprietary technologies in all four fields in encoder manufacturing: mechanics, optics, electronics and software.


  • Linear and angular encoders – absolute or incremental- in different sizes for different space requirements. The measuring distance of linear encodersrange from 40 mm to 60 m, and the diameter of angular encoders range from 90 mm to 200 mm.
  • Non-contact linear encoders, absolute or incremental.
  • Absolute encoders with digital communication to CNCs from Fagor, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Panasonic, etc.
  • Linear encoders with 3 micron accuracy and 10 nm resolution.
  • Angular encoders with 2 arc-second accuracy and 0.01 arc-second resolution.
  • Steel tape linear encoders with mechanical tensor for reader insertion and extraction at both ends.
  • Patented own opto-electronic components.
  • Proprietary etching technology on several substrates: glass, steel tape and others.
  • Single window scanning.
  • IP-64 ingress protection against pollutants.
  • Accuracy certificate guaranteeing encoder quality.

Fagor Automation’s digital readouts offer advanced features, designed to optimize the performance of milling machines, lathes, boring mills, EDM machines and grinders.  Fagor’s Innova DRO series has significant features:

  • For lathes, milling machines and boring mills of up to 4 axes, with 5.7″ TFT monitor.
  • For EDM machines and grinders of up to 3 axes, with LED display.
  • Part programming.
  • Constant surface speed.
  • 3D graphic assistance for programming and simulation.
  • Intuitive operations.
  • Best view from any angle.
  • USB connection for copying data.
  • Axis preset.
  • Easy setup and auto-off.
  • Dimensions in mm and inches.

Fagor Automation offers an integral solution to high performance machining centers and production lathes because of our large selection of features. Our CNC systems meet the most demanding requirements. The range of CNC’s goes from conversational programming CNCs for short production series that require quickness to high-speed CNCs with nanometric accuracy for machines of high technological value or CNC systems for specific applications such as Laser cutting, etc.

Fagor CNCs are designed for all kinds of machines with additonal benefits:

  • Easy programming. There is no need to know ISO programming language.
  • Algorithm that provides the best performance, speed and accuracy in the machining process.
  • Ergonomic and functional design (touch-screen, easy navigation, integrated manuals, sms communication, high-resolution graphics, keyboards and monitors with the highest level of sealing protection, etc.)
  • Interface customizing tools.
  • Free software download with no time limit to work at any PC.
  • Axis position control (position loop) every 250 µs.
  • Technological features like Look-Ahead. The CNC analyzes in advance the changes in the movements of the axes providing high speed machining. Our CNCs analyze 2,400 blocks in advance and block processing time is 0.25 ms.

Fagor Automation offers drive and feedback systems which represents a great advantage because the customer only deals with a single contact person or supplier who gives him an integral solution that speeds up his work process.