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  • Company: R + W America, L.P.
  • Product Types: Couplings, Line Shafts
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  • Headquarters: Klingenberg, Germany
  • Founded: 1990
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R+W drive components are an essential part of just about any high-performance machine - from the latest high-tech medical devices to wind turbines and drilling platforms to space systems. Couplings are used wherever rotation and torque need to be transmitted between two machine components. The requirements placed on couplings differ greatly along the lines of their areas of application.

Aside from reliable torque transmission, their most important tasks include providing protection against damage from shaft misalignment, vibration and torque overload. For high performance machinery to run with speed, accuracy and efficiency, torque transmission needs to be fast, precise and reliable. To this end, R+W can perfectly tailor critical performance characteristics of its couplings, such as damping, torsional stiffness, balancing, and moment inertia.

Coupling selection is always dependent on the application and its unique requirements. R+W offers various coupling models for both high precision and heavy industrial machinery types.  Precision couplings transmit torques ranging from 0.05 to 25,000 Nm, depending on the coupling type and size. R+W's product range includes torsionally rigid metal bellows and miniature bellows couplings, vibration damping elastomer couplings, torque limiting safety couplings, connecting shafts, and servo disc pack couplings in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.  Industrial series couplings transmit torques ranging from 200 to 2,080,000 Nm. Here R+W offers heavy duty safety couplings, torsionally rigid disc pack couplings and flexible gear couplings, along with larger sizes of metal bellows couplings and elastomer couplings.

Durable, reliable and flexible: these characteristics make industrial couplings ideal for all applications that require maximum safety and performance in the face of constant and extreme loads. Engineers and operators across a wide range of industrial sectors are aware that machine component failures and downtime drive up cost and, in the worst cases, can lead to accidents – making proper industrial coupling selection critical.

R+W combines all these capabilities in impressive, innovative coupling systems for industrial machine construction. In addition to offering a broad portfolio of standard couplings from which to choose, we customize special coupling solutions on a highly frequent basis.

Disk pack couplings are known for their high torsional rigidity and operational reliability. They are used, among other places, in steel mills, printing machines, API pump packages, agitators, test benches, fans and generators, offering good misalignment compensation in the lateral, angular and axial directions, and smooth running even over longer distances.

Elastomer couplings offer absorption of vibration and shock, as well as electrical isolation. These characteristics are valuable in applications across the entire mechanical engineering sector.

Gear couplings score big with their high torque density, flexibility and robust design. They transmit torques from 1,900 to 2,080,000 Nm with torsional rigidity and low backlash, and are used on the high torque shafts of mixers, rolling mills, test stands, conveyors, presses and a range of other equipment types.

Metal bellows couplings impress with their extremely smooth operation that includes precise transmission of angle and torque. This makes them suitable for turbines, positioning systems, test stands and any other high torque system with precision motion requirements.

In the event of an overload, safety couplings provide a rapid disconnect of the driveline at exact pre-set torque limits. Standard versions transmit from 200 to 250,000 Nm. Custom versions can be made for torques in excess of 18,000,000 Nm. Typical applications include rolling mills, crushers and shredders, extruders, ball mills, excavators, sawmill equipment and tunnel boring machines

No matter how widely the challenges for a coupling and its function may vary - R+W is the pioneer in coupling technology and provides solutions for all industries.  Whether for high precision or heavy industry, couplings from R+W work dynamically, precisely and with zero backlash. They help to keep friction to a minimum, and many are wear and maintenance free, with no moving parts - thus guaranteeing an extremely long service and performance life. Through its wide product portfolio and innovative coupling technology, R+W is ready to meet your torque transmission challenges.

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