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About MotionUSA:

MotionUSA has been a distributor in the United States of America to professionals since 1996, basing our business on accumulating knowledge of global technical leadership in the field of Mechatronics. Integration of diverse technologies and suppliers is our constant challenge.

We are a team of engineers who specialize in high speed and high precision motion control applications for diverse industries including steel, automotive, food and packaging, machine tool, welding and fabrication, electronics, semiconductor, tire and rubber, glass, medical, laboratory, and all of the associated subcategories.

MotionUSA focuses on partnerships with suppliers of quality products with globally competitive pricing, contributing with a 20 plus year history of prompt payments including international wire transfer, accepting FOB at the dock of origin, and having the best rates with Fedex Global Express.

MotionUSA is a global supply chain manager, importing and exporting worldwide. We have been a consistent trading partner with countries including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Europe, Russia, Pakistan, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dubai, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, South America, and the Caribbean. We guarantee that our quotations from our daily international inquiries are factory original, never used or refurbished, and never counterfeit.

Our Location:

We are located in beautiful Dublin, Ohio which is a suburb of Columbus in central Ohio. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Louisville are within our 1 day ground zone. Almost everywhere east of the Mississippi river is within 2 days ground shipping. We have 12,000 square feet of warehouse where we inventory product for same day shipment and manage blanket orders and kit releases for OEM customers.

What We Distribute:

MotionUSA was started in 1996 as a Parker Hannifin Corp “Automation Technology Center”, which consists of a contract to be the technical distribution and support center for the Parker Hannifin Compumotor, Daedal, Hauser, CTC, Bayside, Acroloop, Dynaserve, SSD Drives, Parframe, and Trilogy brands. Our technical competence was founded on; closed loop servomotor systems, open and closed loop stepper motors and drives, DSP based programmable motion controllers, linear drive systems based on ballscrews, timing belts rack & pinion, and linear motors, and planetary style servomotor gearboxes.

In 1997, MotionUSA became the first USA distributor for Hiwin linear bearings and ballscrews. By 2001, MotionUSA was the 3rd largest Hiwin account in the USA and the largest linear bearing account, surpassing $1 million in Hiwin LG series bearing sales. Linear bearings from Hiwin and Chieftek Precision are a significant business for MotionUSA. We have 25 years of experience with Hiwin and are experts at applying linear bearings and ballscrews in automated machinery.

In 1998, MotionUSA became the first Nabtesco distributor in the USA. Initially, the brand was named Teijin Seiki, and was marketed in the USA by the Nissho Iwai Machinery of America Corp. The Nabtesco RV, RD, and GH cycloidal style reducers have a supreme reputation for accuracy, stiffness and reliability in the most demanding production environments. We have 25 years of experience sizing these reducers for manufacturing applications. Our team has been to the factory for training in Tsu Japan multiple times.

A complimentary technology to the Nabtesco cycloidal reducer is the planetary gearhead. Our brands include Apex Dynamics, Neugart, Parker Bayside, CGI, GAM, and recently Reckon Drives. These units are mounted to brushless servomotors and stepper motors to increase torque and lessen reflected inertia. We size planetary reducers for machine builders, matching the reducer to the servomotor torque, speed, and rotor inertia for the motion parameters.

Encoders are the most common feedback device used in modern closed loop motion control systems, optical or magnetic, angular or linear. Encoders are used to determine actual tool position during and after the motion profile. The encoder manufacturers also produce probes and gauges used to measure the size and position of parts as part of the quality control process. MotionUSA has built a large portfolio of products used in precision measurement. We distribute Heidenhain, Renishaw, Mitutoyo, Fagor, Solartron, Marposs, and  Magnescale.

Shaft to shaft couplings are used to transmit torque between the output shaft of a motor or gearbox and the input to the ballscrew drive system, allowing for axial and angular misalignment with varying degrees of torsional rigidity. Shaft to bore couplings are used to mount shafts to pulleys. Our lineup of these products includes Zero Max, KBK, R + W, Gerwah, Roto Free, Ringfeder, and Ringspann.

Leveling and vibration isolation pads and feet are critical components of all types of machinery.  For example, the Effbe ASR system is used on the scanning electron microscope.  Sunnex has the broadest range of machine leveling feet on the market.

MotionUSA is the largest Rose + Krieger distributor in the USA, having started with R + K 2010. The tubular clamping system is a unique tool used by machine builders for mounting lights, cameras, sensors, bar code readers, lasers and other components. These clamps are integrated into the well known tubular linear actuators in packaging and material handling machinery. Located in the beautiful Poratwestfalia region of Germany and supported by a 200,000SF facility in Frederick MD, Rose + Krieger has a broad line of mechanical components for machine builders.

Unitronics is our PLC/HMI line. Our customers love Unitronics and are extremely loyal due to the outstanding technical support out of Boston. The software is free, and because it is an integrated HMI/PLC in one, you don’t have to jump in and out of multiple programs. Both the HMI and PLC are in one place. 

An industrial motion control system an interface for people. In addition to Unitronics, we distribute Beijer, Parker CTC, and Aplex computers.