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  • Company: Intorq KmbH & Co. KH
  • Product Types: Brakes, Clutches
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  • Headquarters: Aerzen, Germany
  • Employees: 285
  • Made In: Germany
  • Ships from: Columbus, Ohio

The Intorq brand stands for reliable spring applied brake solutions for electrical drives of the highest standard. Whether in cranes, wind turbines or lift systems, Intorq products are used in the most diverse of applications. For wind turbines, the special features of Intorq brake systems include their long maintenance intervals, resistance to extreme climatic conditions and tight braking torque tolerances. The ruggedness and special corrosion protection of Intorq brakes are therefore also setting standards in the offshore area. 

When using brakes in lift systems, safety is the top priority.  Intorq can offer you specific solutions for various drive concepts in the field of lift technology.  Whether geared motors or direct drives – Intorq brake systems are precisely matched to your specific requirements. The BFK464-S dual-circuit brake with multi-coil technology has, for example, been optimised for fitting to the new generation of compact direct drives. Also, the kidney-shaped brake callipers of the BFK466 with multi-coil technology have been ideally matched to the contours of axially-short motors and are capable of generating high levels of braking torque.

The key factor for brake systems in crane and port facilities and for the offshore sector is brake power due to high hook loads. However, we also place great emphasis on getting the specific details right. We have therefore developed special features for this application area, such as a dedicated manual release that complies with the strict requirements for environmental protection.

INTORQ brake systems for industrial trucks have been specifically developed for use as parking/holding brakes with emergency stop capability.  In the field of drive technology for fork lifts, our brakes have already proven their effectiveness in thousands of DC-driven electric vehicles. We also offer specially adapted brake systems for vehicle developments based on AC technology.

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