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  • Company: Primatics, Inc.
  • Product Types: Linear Positioning Stages, Rotary Stages, Custom Solutions
  • Website:
  • Owned By:  Burke Porter Group Company
  • Headquarters: Tangent, OR
  • Founded:  1987
  • Made In: USA
  • Ships from: Tangent, OR

Primatics designs and builds precision motion systems to meet exacting requirements for both one of a kind complex machines and high volume OEM products.  Primatics delivers solutions to help optimize production and reduce costs, even at low volumes.  Primatics was established in 1997 by an elite group of engineers whose technical underpinnings were in the custom design and build of machines for Hewlett Packard in Corvallis, OR.  Today, Primatics is on the leading edge of standard and custom motion positioning solutions.  Primatics has extensive experience in both vacuum and cleanroom environments.  Standard Primatics linear stage products include the PCL40, PCL50, PCL65, PLG110, PLG160, PLG210, POF115, PXL33, PXL43B, PZA25, and PZB25.  Primatics linear stages are available in Aluminum or Cast Iron.  Standard Primatics rotary stages are available in direct and belt drive.  These include the PDR110, PDR160, PDR210, PLR40, PLR110, PLR190, PLR350 and PRD75.